Top Five Ways to Reconnect

29 Nov 2019 | Meredith Gaston

Meredith Gaston’s books invite readers to bask in the glow of wellbeing, kindness and connection to ourselves, each other and the world around us. Her latest book, Find Your Sparkle, is a love letter to your spirit, that encourages us to see the magic in life and ourselves. Here she shares five ways to reconnect with your inner self.

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Ways to reconnect: 1

Beginning simply by noticing your breath, drop down from your busy thinking mind into your physical body. When we sense the flow of our breathing, we immediately shift our awareness within and invite new discovery.

Ways to reconnect: 2

Notice how you feel when you are inspired, relaxed and at peace. When we live our lives in passion and purpose; when we care for ourselves, each other and our earth; when we allow ourselves to be our true selves unapologetically, that is when we feel the most connected to our inner selves.

Ways to reconnect: 3

Notice moments in which you feel happy. If you are seeking greater happiness in all your days, try marking and honouring all your happy moments with these six little words: ‘I am happy in this moment.’

Ways to reconnect : 4

Immerse yourself in nature. Going into wilderness will always be an elixir for health and happiness; a way of restoring and reviving us. We are part of nature, so going home to nature always means coming home to ourselves.

Ways to reconnect: 5

Choose to find and feel connection. The moment we do this we tune into aliveness and vitality that is already sparkling within us. True happiness isn’t somewhere ‘out there’, it is already ours to enjoy.

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