The Frankie Fish series

What do you do when your cranky-pants grandad builds a time machine and accidentally deletes the whole family? If you're Frankie Fish, you race against the clock to FIX IT!

In Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase, the bestselling first instalment of Peter Helliar's hilarious children's series, twelve-year-old prankster Frankie must team up with his grumpy grandad after the old man travels back in time, accidentally stops himself from marrying Nanna... and wipes out Frankie's whole family! As the last Fish men standing, Frankie and Grandad must race back in time to undo this terrible mistake. But can they stand each other long enough to put the past back together again? And will Grandad's wonky time-machine ever get them home?

The spectacular second book in the series, Frankie Fish and the Great Wall of Chaos, is a brand new adventure for Frankie and his best friend Drew Bird. The prankster best-friends must time-travel back to 17th century China together to find Grandad and Nanna, after they disappear in the past! With the help of a mysterious new friend, the boys must overcome armed guards, giant dragons and one GIANT wall to get to the Emperor's secret prison. But even if they can get inside, how will they break Grandad and Nanna out — and get them home again?

Frankie Fish is the bestselling laugh-out-loud time-travel adventure series about mega-mischief, misbehaving grandparents and a couple of prank kings. Books one and two are available now for readers aged 8-12!

Meet the author

Peter Helliar is the best-selling author of the Frankie Fish series for children, as well as one of Australia's favourite comedians. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and three kids, and currently co-hosts the award-winning news and current affairs program The Project on Network Ten. He plans on being the first human to travel back in time (for real).

Since first appearing on Rove Live in the late 90s, Helliar's extraordinary entertainment and comedy career has spanned everything from radio to screenwriting, producing and co-starring in feature films (I Love You Too) and television series (It's a Date), as well as creating a beloved AFL sensation in his alter-ego Bryan 'Strauchanie' Strauchan. Helliar's comedy shows regularly sell out in Australia and New Zealand. His new stand-up show Big Boy Pants, is on tour now.

Researching a book about time-travel can be intense, but it's a job Peter Helliar takes very seriously, which is why he went to the all the effort of building a real life time machine before writing Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase! In fact, he travelled through time to find the perfect setting for the book.

Let's see how Pete's time-travel journey goes...