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Hardie Grant Media began working as HCF’s content partner in 2017 following a competitive tender. The partnership includes publishing HCF’s quarterly member magazine Health Agenda and creating digital content for their website and monthly email newsletter, My Health Agenda. The success of the content to date has led to production of more content across new channels, most recently a podcast called Navigating Parenthood.


    At the heart of Health Agenda is the desire to empower and inspire readers to make informed decisions about their health, supporting the broader business goal to build a healthier Australia. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry however, is to make health insights more accessible. There are so many myths, complexities navigating new research, and people just don’t know who or what to trust.

    Health Agenda had recently re-launched as an opt-in model, so we knew we were communicating with people who have a thirst for information. An area of focus for 2017-18 was content structure and presentation: Hardie Grant Media worked closely with HCF to introduce a new visual storytelling and illustration approach which has been particularly helpful to demystify complex topics and bring abstract concepts to life. We also continued with a blend of expert and real-life editorial to make the content digestible.

    Subscribers regularly voice their opinion, share feedback and even request specific health conditions to feature. A recent audience survey demonstrated that 92% of readers were satisfied with content provided from HCF and 75% say Health Agenda helps them make better decisions regarding their health. Health Agenda has also influenced people’s brand perceptions: 95% of readers said HCF is a brand they trust and 78% agreed the magazine makes them feel more positive about the brand.

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