Books to Celebrate International Women's Day

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Books to Celebrate International Women's Day

7 Mar 2017 | Olivia Fleetwood

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite titles that have been circulating the Hardie Grant office lately. 

Why We March, Artisan

On January 21, 2017, over 5 million people in 673 cities around the globe gathered in solidarity for the Women’s March, carrying signs that shone with unwavering hope and determination and demanded the protection of women’s rights, opposed the newly inaugurated U.S. president, and championed equality and justice for all. Why We March presents 300 of the most powerful, uplifting, clever, and creative signs from these marches.

These images – featuring messages about reproductive rights and cabinet picks, immigration and police violence, climate change and feminism – together paint a striking portrait of resistance, despair, humour, and most of all, hope. This book serves as a rallying cry for this burgeoning movement, and a valuable and timely encapsulation of an unprecedented moment in political history.

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In the Company of Women, Grace Bonney

Across the globe, women are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and starting creative businesses. In the Company of Women profiles over 100 of these influential and creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds and industries, including well-known names like Sibella Court and Tavi Gevinson. 

Chock-full of practical, inspirational advice for those looking to forge their own paths, these interviews detail the keys to success (for example, going with your gut; maintaining meaningful and lasting relationships), highlight the importance of everyday rituals (meditating; creating a daily to-do list) and dispense advice for the next generation of women entrepreneurs and makers (stay true to what you believe in; have patience). The book is rounded out with hundreds of lush, original photographs of the women in their work spaces.

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Better Than Sex, edited by Samantha Trenoweth

In an age that mashes internet porn with Tinder and arranged marriage, in an age in which everything (sexuality, gender, consent) seems fluid, what does the landscape of love look like, really? And how are the seismic jolts in the ways we negotiate sex and romance affecting women?

In the third book (following Fury and Bewitched and Bedevilled) in Samantha Trenoweth’s series of essays by contemporary women, contributors ask whether the Tinderverse has killed romance; are women, who are increasingly powerful in all sorts of areas of their lives, more or less empowered in their personal relationships than they were a decade ago; and do women actually have more choices or fewer? 

Better than Sex assembles impressions of the contemporary love landscape, from outspoken, witty, provocative writers, including Roxane Gay, Zan Rowe, Emily Maguire, Jamila Rizvi, Lucy Le Masurier, Susan Chenery, Rosie Waterland, Fiona McGregor, Rachel Hills, Zoe Norton Lodge, Van Badham and Ann Friedman.

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We are Women, June Cotner 

Vintage photographs illustrate both inspirational quotes and original lighthearted musings written exclusively by women for women in this brand-new anthology full of wisdom and humor. The images are remarkable, embodying the best of the human spirit. Each paired quote reminds us of women's strength and character through time.

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Strong is New Pretty, Kate Parker

Inspired by the popular photo project of the same title that went viral in the autumn of 2015, Strong is the New Pretty is a photo-driven book comprised of over a hundred high-quality black-and-white and colour images of fierce and joyful girls – a celebration of what it means to be strong (whether athletic, bookish, brainy, brave, loyal, or courageous). The photographs champion the message that girls are perfect in their imperfection; beautiful in their chaotic, authentic lives; and empowered by their strength instead of their looks.

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