MELBOURNE: Bob Brown & Paul Thomas on 'Green Nomads Wild Places'











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MELBOURNE: Bob Brown & Paul Thomas on 'Green Nomads Wild Places'

Hosted By: ELTHAMbookshop, ELTHAM College & Hardie Grant Books in partnership with Stop Adani Eltham & Coral Not Coal

Clarke Auditorium, ELTHAM College, 1660 Main Road, Research | 6 Dec 2018 06:30 PM

ELTHAMbookshop, ELTHAM College & Hardie Grant Books in partnership with Stop Adani Eltham and Coral Not Coal are delighted to present Bob Brown and Paul Thomas who will present an informal talk and slideshow Green Nomads Wild Places.

Bob Brown's new book is a photographic and written record of a journey that took Bob Brown and his partner Paul Thomas along the coasts and by-ways of southern Australia. They floated in hidden harbours and on ancient rivers, climbed over age-old rock formations, and camped at isolated Bush Heritage Australia properties, revelling in the beauty of the natural universe. Bob Brown and Paul Thomas remind us how extraordinary and diverse is our natural world.Green Nomads Wild Places is a superb companion to Green Nomads, the book of their first 19 000 kilometre journey inland through eastern Australia, which followed Bob's retirement after 16 years in the Senate.

Bob Brown, a man of conviction, resigned as leader of the Greens in 2012 and from the Australian Senate in June 2012. Brown led The Australian Greens from the party's foundation in 1992 until April 2012. In 1978 Bob was appointed director of the Tasmania Wilderness Society and led the campaign to prevent the construction of the Franklin dam. He spent 19 days in prison and on the day of his release, in 1983, he became a member of Tasmania’s parliament. Bob was elected to the Australian Senate in 1996. Bob has published several books including both photographic and poetry books. He has also won many awards, including from the United Nations, and is the president of the Bob Brown Foundation.

Paul Thomas, who is a farmer, has been a jackeroo, local sportsman, community worker, social activist, environmentalist and art curator. He served two terms as a Greens councillor on the Huon Valley Council (1996–2002). On their ‘green nomad’ journeys, while Bob is busy with his camera and navigation, Paul is the main driver, campsite supervisor and chef-in-chief.

Venue: Clarke auditorium, ELTHAM College, 1660 Main Road, Research

Time: Thursday December 6th, 6.30pm for 7.00pm until 8.30pm

Cost: $60.00 includes one signed copy of the book or a $40.00 gift voucher, Bob and Paul’s scintillating talk and refreshments. Free entry for ELTHAM College students.

Bookings Essential: Prepaid bookings are essential, phone (03) 94398700 or visit ELTHAMbookshop, 970 Main Road, Eltham