English Language Network

Critical to the success of all our imprints is access to the book market in all the key English language countries. To that end we have sales representation of the highest standard carrying our books to bookshops and other relevant retailers throughout the English language book market.

In ANZ and the UK and Ireland we manage teams of key account managers, field representatives and gift trade specialists giving us comprehensive access to consumers. In the US, Canada, South Africa and South Asia we have market-leading partners uniquely suited to selling and advocating for our ranges.

And it doesn't end there, as we find ways to reach English language markets across Europe and the Middle East where for a growing number of people English is their reading language of choice.

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UK and Ireland
Group Sales Director, UK and Export: Diana Kojik 

UK Export (including EMEA, South Africa and Asia)
International Sales Manager: Alex Brocone

Australia and New Zealand
Sales Director, ANZ: Julia Kumschick


USA and Canada
Chronicle Books

South Africa
Pan Macmillan

South Asia
APD, Singapore