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MELBOURNE: Malcolm Turnbull In Conversation with Sally Warhaft

Hosted By: Sydney Writers' Festival

Online | 28 Apr 2020 06:15 PM

In 2015, when Malcolm Turnbull returned to the Liberal Party leadership and assumed the Australian Prime Ministership, he brought with him a passion for free enterprise, a touch of style and a vision for an ‘agile Australia’.

But Turnbull's view of the Liberal Party – a progressive party of the ‘sensible centre’, with individual freedom and aspiration at its core – put him at odds with the Liberals’ conservative wing. He clashed with them throughout most of his political career. 

His rocky ride in the Australian Parliament was defined by moments such as the carbon emissions debate and the historic same-sex marriage survey. These form just part of his new memoir, A Bigger Picture, which also recounts Turnbull’s rise to prominence as a successful lawyer, businessman and leader of Australia's Republican movement.

With Sally Warhaft, Turnbull will discuss the trajectory of his extraordinary career. The pair will talk, too, about the current state of Australian politics: how well is Turnbull's successor, Scott Morrison, managing the enormous challenges and strains of the current moment? How will we conceive of agility and aspiration after the mother of all global disruptions: COVID-19?

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