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BRIS: The Kabul Peace House

Hosted By: Avid Reader

193 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101 | 6 Aug 2019 06:00 PM

A story of peace in a land of unending war. This is a story of hope and resilience in Afghanistan, a country constantly under siege from within and without.

Join refugee advocate, activist and acclaimed author Mark Isaacs for the launch of The Kabul Peace House.

Mark Isaacs takes us inside a remarkable and unlikely peace project established in one of the most war-torn, violent countries in the world, Afghanistan. After decades of war, few Afghans remember what it is like to live in peace, and many have never known a time without war. Yet, a group of Afghan youth, male and female, have come together – led by the charismatic and idealistic Insaan – to form a model community, a microcosm of how a new Afghanistan could be: a place of peaceful coexistence, a nation without violence and war that embraces the values of peace and humanity.

Mark takes us on a journey to the streets of Kabul, where day-to-day life involves terror and extreme danger, and lives alongside these inspirational and courageous young people in 'The Community’. Mark reveals their personal stories of trauma and loss that ultimately lead them to defy the risks and stand up to demand peace, a seemingly impossible dream. He witnesses their acts of non-violent protest, their small steps in making life better, their setbacks and struggles, but mostly their bravery and hope for a future that shines with peace.

Mark is a writer, an author, a researcher and a community worker. His first book, The Undesirables: Inside Nauru is an account of his work with asylum seekers in Nauru, one of Australia’s notorious offshore detention centres. His second book, Nauru Burning, follows up The Undesirables with an investigative report on human rights abuses on Nauru. In 2017, Mark conducted an investigation into deportations to Afghanistan with the Edmund Rice Centre. The published report, titled 'Responsibility to Protect', paved the way for Mark's later writings in Afghanistan. Mark’s third book, The Kabul Peace House is about a community of peace activists in Afghanistan.

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