NEWCASTLE: Thomas Mayor at Harbourview Function Centre











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NEWCASTLE: Thomas Mayor at Harbourview Function Centre

Hosted By: MUA and Macleans Bookstore

Harbourview Function Centre, 150 Wharf Road, Newcastle NSW 2300 | 31 Oct 2019 05:30 PM

Thomas Mayor will present and sign copies of his new book, Finding the Heart of the Nation. Finding the Heart of the Nation as not just an informative and entertaining compilation of Indigenous stories and not just a book about a place, an event or an historic moment. In fact, he says, it’s not just a book. As Thomas sees it, within its pages is a living, breathing movement of the Australian Indigenous people. With Thomas as our guide, we can read about and see places we might never have the opportunity to visit, and it will inspire us to explore the remote ochre regions. We can feel as if we are there with Thomas, who writes with such an easy style, it’s as if we are sitting down together, and in his quiet voice, he shares his ideas and experiences and introduces us to the Indigenous leaders with great warmth and respect. This is a book for all Australians and a must read for us in understanding these fundamental Indigenous issues.