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MELBOURNE: Emiko Davies Book Launch

Hosted By: Books For Cooks

Books For Cooks, 115-121 Victoria Street (next to A Shed), Melbourne, VIC 3000 | 1 Mar 2019 06:30 PM

At the end of this month, almost two years to the day that Books For Cooks last had Emiko in store with her book Acquacotta, we will again be chatting to Emiko about her life and family in Tuscany and celebrating the release of her new book Tortellini at Midnight.

Sometime in the 1950s, Emiko Davies' nonno-in-law began the tradition of ringing in the new year with tortellini al sugo. He served it along with spumante and a round of tombola, and sparked a trend; up until the 1970s, you could find tortellini at midnight on New Year's Eve in the bars around the Tuscan town of Fucecchio.

This is just one of the heirloom dishes in this evocative collection, for which Emiko Davies has gathered some of her favourite family recipes. They trace generations that span the length of Italy, from the Mediterranean port city of Taranto in the southern heel of Puglia to elegant Turin, the city of aperitif and Italian cafe culture in the far north and, finally, back to Tuscany, which Emiko calls home. 

Tortellini at Midnight is a book rich with nostalgia, with fresh, comforting food and stunning photography. It is a book that is good for the soul.  And of course we'll be tasting a few recipes and learning how to fold tortellini with Emiko

About Emiko

Emiko Davies is a widely admired blogger, author, cook, illustrator, and photographer, who once lived in Melbourne working with many of our top restaurants, and now lives in Tuscany;  spending her days, when not cooking or raising her young family, researching, photographing, illustrating and writing several regular columns on Italian cuisine and Italian cookbooks.

If you'd like to know more about Emiko or are interested in the 'behind the scenes' of creating this beautiful book you can read more on Emiko's blog

Please join us for what promises to be a warm and wonderful evening celebrating the importance of family and family traditions with Emiko

Where: Books For Cooks, 115-121 Victoria Street, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

When: Friday 1 March 2019

Tickets: $10, and includes conversation, tastes from the book & matched drinks. Book your place here

Signed copies of Tortellini at Midnight and Emiko's other books Florentine and Acquacotta will be available for purchase on the night