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Looking for the latest content marketing news and inspiration? These podcasts will keep you connected to the ever-changing world of marketing.

Sophie Knox

To many listeners, the podcast is a storytelling juggernaut. From true crime and TED talks to crude conversations and armchair experts, this auditory medium has radically changed the media landscape as we know it.

ABC’s Podcast Research 2018 revealed that one in three (33%) Australians claims to have listened to podcasts in the last month, while one in five (20%) Aussies claims to have listened to a podcast in the last week.

But not all those people are downloading tales of the missing housewife or Oprah’s SuperSoul conversation. Many are using the podcast as a key educational tool.

When asked why they like to listen to podcasts, 75% of respondents in ABC’s research replied that it was “to learn new things”. Podcasts are a direct-to-the-vein hit of the stuff you need to know. A shortcut to upskill in your industry of choice.

And if that industry happens to be the fast-changing world of content and media, there’s a kaleidoscope of podcasts waiting for you.

Search engine optimisation, digital marketing, social media, Google Analytics, amplification and metrics, website retargeting – consider how frequently these core pillars of our industry change. It’s easy to miss their nuanced updates, so a smart way to stay on top of your game is to listen to our industry’s thought leaders and experts in snackable podcast content.

Has Google changed its keyword algorithm? Need to activate a paid Facebook campaign? No sweat. There’s an answer out there and you can find it in a podcast.

Hardie Grant Media has curated a list of the top five marketing podcasts from Australia and abroad. Cruise through these golden nuggets of audio wisdom. 

1. Mumbrellacast

Stay tuned in to the inner workings of Australian media with this podcast created by Mumbrella – the website that covers everything under the “media and marketing umbrella”.

Founder Tim Burrowes interviews industry heavyweights about groundbreaking (good and bad) campaigns, media channels and content creation, among other topics. This podcast is your back-gate entry to find out who’s who in the zoo and what they’re doing in Australia’s media backyard.

2. Bad Decisions

Marketers are really good at talking about their wins. But not so great at analysing their fails. This podcast is all about the psychology behind bad decisions, with episodes like “Why we massively overestimate our chances of success”. Hosted by the founder of an Aussie creative agency and a performance psychologist, the podcast asks questions many of us never dare to consider.

3. The Recipe for SEO Success

The creator of this podcast, Kate Toon, has her fingers in many media pies. She’s a copywriter, a coach and an author, and now a podcaster. She calls herself a digital educator, and the lessons in her Recipe for SEO Success podcasts are very practical in what can be the very esoteric world of SEO.

Kate hosts expert guests such as SEO ninja Rand Fishkin and covers topics such as “What is Google Optimise and why use it?” and “Does social media help SEO?”. The Australian context of all her tips helps make local application even easier.

4. The Disruptor Series

So much of our content marketing success relies upon being creative. So shake up your vanilla marketing mix and go technicolour with these rule breakers in this podcast series about disrupters.

Hosted by Rob Schwartz, CEO of the New York-based The Disruption Company, these podcasts with topics like “Disrupting Storytelling” and “Disrupting Brands” will make you think differently and ponder how you can take a few detours to create success for your own brands.

5. Anatomy of a Strategy

Recorded in Ontario, Canada, every episode of Anatomy of a Strategy is hosted by two industry veterans of the renowned agency Truly and a guest, who collectively deep dive into the machinations of how brands build digital audiences. Themes include “The value of influencer marketing”, “Creating word of mouth” and “The future of search”.

Don’t stop there – unearth the comprehensive list of podcasts available on your listening app of choice.

Sophie Knox, managing editor

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