Celebrating an enduring landmark

In 2016 Hardie Grant Media was commissioned by the Myer family – a name which scarcely needs introduction – to assist in marking the 2020 centenary of Cranlana – the exceptional house and garden that still serves as the family’s seat in Melbourne.

In response, we created a breathtakingly designed and illustrated book, full of reminiscences from the people who lived and worked at 62 Clendon Road during the property's first 100 years. 

    Purchased by Sidney Myer in 1920, and never-before open to the public, Cranlana has an air of concealed mystery that has intrigued Melburnians for a century. In approaching this brief our priority was to not only produce a book of the esteem and calibre associated with both the Myer family name and their family home, but to also tell an important historical story that contributes to the broader Australian narrative over the last century.


    One of the keys to telling a great story is finding the perfect storyteller – and one of the best we know is arts writer Michael Shmith, who we appointed immediately to pen this great tale. Drawing on decades of historical research and imagery – some of which has never before been published – a team of experts including publishers, historians, editors and designers worked with Michael for close to three years to create a thematically rich, lavish publication that upholds the integrity associated with the Myer name and the Cranlana landmark.


    This book adopts Cranlana’s air of concealed mystery. The reader is guided though its magnificent wrought-iron gates and into a garden and a house that breathe history – one resonating with horticultural vitality, material beauty and human enterprise – yet a place still very much a living family concern. Sale of the book was divided between the Myer family and Hardie Grant Media to distribute into book stores. This varied distribution allowed the book to be circulated globally to a passionate audience of home and garden enthusiasts.

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