Inspiring more frequent travel

How can you inspire people to travel more frequently, and stay for longer, across key destinations? That was our challenge when global travel retailer Flight Centre approached us to produce an inspirational print product to align with their refreshed, content­-driven marketing strategy. 

Helping Flight Centre move away from their previous focus on sales, the publication Travel Ideas, a magazine for travellers, explorers and daydreamers was born, and has since grown into a successful brand unto itself.


    We began by understanding travellers, and especially their key reader audience of 30–45 year old female professionals who are happy to travel independently but also enjoy shared experiences. We knew that inspiring content would excite people during their travel ‘dreaming stage’. Once they’ve dreamt, they would seek expert advice to validate their research and find the best deals, playing to Flight Centre’s strengths.


    To deliver immediate impact we created Travel Ideas. The free magazine was designed to engage travellers, position Flight Centre store consultants as experts, and promote their industry partnerships. Key content included food­-focused travels, fly-drive experiences and family-friendly holidays to encourage Australians to travel, while also providing informed advice.


    Launched as a one­-off publication, Travel Ideas’ success has seen it grow to over eight issues a year. The publication is also available as an app with content repurposed for the Flight Centre blog. Travel Ideas’ success saw it claim runner up for Custom Magazine of the Year at Mumbrella’s 2015 Publish Awards.

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