The Dyson Group

Creating a thank you gift for loyal staff

Published to honour the staff of the Dyson Group, this gift book was the perfect ‘thank you’ to the company’s long-serving and loyal men and women.

In 2016, Hardie Grant Media was commissioned by the Dyson Group to publish a book that honoured the people who drive the Dyson business on a day-to-day basis. Published to coincide with the Group’s 65th anniversary, this book tells the stories of the staff that have shaped the Dyson business. 


    Hardie Grant Media was commissioned to produce a book celebrating the people at the heart of the Dyson business. In essence the Dyson story is one of family and friendship, so in approaching this brief we wanted to capture the authenticity, honesty and warmth of the Group and tell a breadth of personal stories rather than a chronological company history.


    To help us bring this vision to life we first of all appointed a writer and photographer who we trusted to capture the heart of the story. After putting out an open-call to all Dyson staff members, we travelled to the Group’s five depots and interviewed and photographed all of the people who had kindly volunteered to share their stories with us. The result was a high-quality publication featuring emotionally evocative content and imagery, which is a tribute to those who have worked with the organisation over more than six decades.

    This book was first presented to staff during a formal book launch held at the company’s main depot geared at celebrating the company’s 65th anniversary. The book was officially launched by the book’s writer and the event was attended by our proud publishing team. The book was gifted to all staff in time for the 2017 Christmas break and very warmly received by all team members whose stories are now immortalised in an enduring, high-calibre book.

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