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Meet the new wave of modern poets

30 Aug 2019 | Cherry Cai


Poetry can often be regarded as something highbrow, inaccessible even. However, with the rise of social media platforms, there is a new generation of poets that have taken the world by storm. From Rupi Kaur, to Courtney Peppernell these modern poets have become a new generation of voices that write on topics ranging from love and relationships to diversity and empowerment. Using their large social platforms and reach, modern poets are able to reach and affect people all over the world. So without further ado, let’s meet some of the stars of modern poetry.

rupi kaur author photo

Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur almost needs no introduction at this point. She is the #1 New York Times best-selling author and illustrator of Milk and Honey, which is internationally acclaimed collection of poetry, which has sold well over a million copies. She started drawing at the age of five when her mother handed her a paintbrush and said: “Draw your heart out.” Rupi views her life as an exploration of that artistic journey. Rupi’s work explores a variety of themes

ranging from love, loss, trauma, healing, femininity, migration and revolution.

milk and honey book cover smallA New York Times bestseller, milk and honey takes readers on an emotional journey of bitter moments, sweet times, heartache, healing, and survival.
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lang leav author photo

Lang Leav

Novelist and poet Lang Leav was born in a Thai refugee camp when her family were fleeing the Khmer Rouge Regime. She spent her formative years in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in New Zealand. Among her many achievements, Lang is the winner of a Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, Churchill Fellowship and Goodreads Reader’s Choice Award.

Her first book, Love & Misadventure, was a break out success, and according to Publisher’s Weekly, foretold the poetry movement that has taken the publishing world by storm. Her subsequent books, including her debut novel, Sad Girls, continue to top bestseller charts in bookstores worldwide.

love looks pretty on your book cover small

Filled with wisdom and encouragement, every single page is a testament to the power of words, and the impact they can have on the relationships you build with others.
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r. H sin author photo

r.H. Sin

Sin is a poetry powerhouse who believes in giving his fans more content more often – hence his extensive and popular backlist. His work focusses on women’s empowerment and relationships and he provides often short, and pithy poems to his massive following of 1.5 million followers anywhere between 15 to 20 times every day. The Whiskey Words & a Shovel series are bestsellers in African American poetry.

she just wants to forget book cover small A beautiful dedication to powerful women who are tired of wasting their thoughts on people who were never worth thinking about. She Just Wants to Forget is the second title in the "What She Felt" series.
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Courtney PeppernellCourtney Peppernell Author

Courtney Peppernell is an LGBT author from Sydney. A local, Australian talent, Peppernell has been going from strength to strength since she self-published the bestselling poetry collection Pillow Thoughts in 2016. Courtney has been writing her whole life and currently writes young adult novels and poetry collections. In August 2017 she published Pillow Thoughts II and The Road Between.

Peppernell writing explores expression and the art of healing through stories and words.

the road between book cover small Poetry for the soul that walks the fine line between losing yourself in the world and finding yourself again, often in the smallest of moments.
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