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5 Sep 2016 |

Best things to eat to help your mental state

Australian Yoga Guru, UK based Kimberley Parsons shares some absolutely delicious recipes in her latest book The Yoga Kitchen.  Food that’s actually designed to help us mere mortals create a greater synergy between mind and body. Although she says that we don’t need to be Yogis to benefit, The Yoga Kitchen contains seven chapters that are based on the ancient yoga chakra system. This is an ancient Indian tradition and each chakra is associated with our different emotions, organs and body systems. In a nutshell this book it going to help us to eat the right things at the right time!

Here are our top 5 favourite examples:


What to eat when you need a sense of empowerment in your life, fuelling you with will and determination:
Banana Almond and chia bread with coconut yoghurt


When you need a sense of belonging and community in your life: 
Buckwheat beetroot wraps


When you need a sense of movement when our vital force is depleted: 
Sumac sweet potato fig & chicory salad


For a sense of self-reflection, when perspective is need on your life: 
Cacao tahini energy balls


For caring and sharing. When you need a sense of gratitude and caring in your life: 
Green breakfast bowl

Feeling inspired? There's a lot more recipes inside all designed to balance your mind and energise your body.
Exactly what we need!