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A Book For Your Zero-Waste Journey

19 Jul 2019 | Cherry Cai

The waste not and zero-waste trend is not going anywhere, and for good reason. Everybody needs to find a way to play a part in helping the environment and reducing litter. While most people are trying their best, heading towards a lifestyle with less plastic and less waste can seem like a daunting and insurmountable task. Waste Not Everyday by Erin Rhoads was designed to try and make the journey easier for people. The books was made with the everyday user in mind; pocket-sized and brimming with tips, this book breaks down the journey into daily actions over the course of an action a day for a year.

Wasting less doesn’t have to be difficult or necessarily restricting, you just have to keep the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Reconnect in mind.

In the sneak peeks provided, we give you a look into the design of the book and a few actions that you could implement into your life to waste not.

waste not tips and tricks

The book is broken into four parts, Parts 1-3 feature how to waste less in your own bin, broken down into Part 1: Food and Organics, Part 2: Recyclables, and Part 3: Other, which includes everything from nappies to textiles and household chemicals. 

365 ways to reduce your environmental impact

#172 is from 'Part 3-Other', featuring a method to reduce waste while entertaining.

"#172 - Balloons are used once, when they escape into the environment, they pose a serious threat to wildlife, especially birds. Look for balloons made of felt, or paper decorations and bunting that be reused over and over. Bubbles are a fun option too."

#365 at the of the book encourages users of the book to write down their own tips and reflect on how to further their journey, because how to reduce and waste less is an ever-evolving work in progress. 

We hope this book helps those looking to make a change in their lifestyle towards wasting less. 

All text and images were taken from Waste Not Everyday by Erin Rhoads
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