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Insta-Famous Dogs from 'I am About To Lick Your Human'

12 May 2020 | Kate Pullen

When you’re a dog lover, it’s not merely a statement to say, “I love dogs”. It’s a proclamation, a promise to man’s best friend that you don’t just like them, you love them. Everything about them. You love them from the tips of their too-wet nose to the ends of their wagging tails; you even love their tendency to ruin everything in the house and put things in their mouth that they’re really, really not supposed to. For those of you that are dog lovers and dog parents, you have a kindred spirit in Kate Pullen who loves her beautiful staffy Vinnie so much that she has his puppy school report card in pride-of-place on the fridge. In fact, Kate Pullen loves dogs so much that she authored and illustrated an entire book full of adorable quotes from puppies, relatable dog lover confessions and interviews with insta-famous pups. Here is a round-up of all those dog Instagram accounts that you can now spend the rest of your day scrolling through. You’re welcome.

i am about to lick your human 3d book cover
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